Thursday, March 25, 2021

Senior Capstone Presentations in Math/Stat at Ohio Northern UPDATE

Capstone presentations by ONU math/stat majors 1998 - Spring 2020

NOTE: Starting Fall 2020, the Mathematics and Statistics Department is replaced by two programs in the School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics: the Mathematics program, and the Statistics program. The records for The Mathematics and Statistics Department cease here. From here on, our records will involve the Mathematics program only.

  1. Kaleigh Cummins: The Birthday Problem - an Expanded Look [Rahrig] 2020
  2. John Mullin: What Makes a Successful Hire for A College Library [Wang] 2020
  3. Hannah Ray: Heel Spur Surgery: Evaluating the Outcomes [Wang] 2020
  4. Travis Maenle: A linear complexity analysis of quadratic residues and primitive roots spacings [Caragiu] 2020
  5. Bryan Peck: Bell's Inequalities [Caragiu] 2020
  6. Kenneth Eaton: The Fundamentals of Automated Theorem Proving [Caragiu] 2019
  7. Megan Meyer: An Experimental Approach to Sophie Germain Sequences [Caragiu] 2019
  8. Corey Thrush: Two Person Zero Sum Games [Robinson] 2019
  9. Kayla Rieman:  Flipping Coins [Rahrig] 2019
  10. Bradley Lockhart: Force Propagation in Multi-Rod Drumsticks [Fuller] 2019
  11. Takumi Kijima: Naive Bayes Classifier [Wang] 2019
  12. Addison Carter: An Introduction to Partitions and Compositions [Caragiu] 2019
  13. Emma Talley: Multivariate Analysis of Variance [Wang] 2019
  14. Rachel Liebrecht: Special Topics on Graph Theory and Ramsey Numbers [Caragiu] 2019
  15. Grant McConnel: Problem Posing Using the Mathematical Game Qubic [Robinson] 2019
  16. Dylan Battison: SAS Base Programmer Certification [Rahrig] 2019
  17. Shannon Tefft: Processing Quadratic Residues with Ducci Iterations [Caragiu] 2019
  18. Andrew Kurdys: The Autoregressive Model and Real Life Time Series Applications [Rahrig] 2019
  19. Jenna Holler: American Mathematics Competitions – Variations and Generalizations [Caragiu] 2018
  20. Joseph Stomps: American Mathematics Competitions AMC 10 - analogies and generalizations [Caragiu] 2018
  21. Ian Simpson: Passive Scalar Transport of Contaminants via Traveling Waves [Fuller] 2018
  22. Andrew Tomkins: Statistical Analysis of Library Surveys Using SAS [Wang] 2018
  23. Gia Saturday: Myth Busting the Sophomore Slump [Wang] 2018
  24. Zachary Goodchild: Three Dichotomous Variables: There is more to it than you think [Robinson] 2018
  25. Lindsely Black: Player Efficiency Ratings for Basketball Players [Rahrig] 2018
  26. Jennifer Point: Brownian Motion & Its Application to Stock Evaluation [Rahrig] 2017
  27. Kyle Thomas: Performance Evaluation of Selected Normality Tests, a Simulation Study [Wang] 2017
  28. Jessica Lewe: Analysis of Fall Preventions Outreach Survey Using Nonparametric Statistical Methods" [Wang] 2017
  29. Meredith Eichenlaub: Variation of Probability: Baseball and the Binomial Distribution [Robinson] 2017
  30. Matthew Golden: The Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff Formula [Caragiu] 2017
  31. Michelle Haver: Poissonian Character and Chebyshev Bias for Greatest Prime Factor Sequences: a Computational Analysis [Caragiu] 2017
  32. Andrew Harden: The Capital Asset Pricing Model & Markowitz Problem" [Jaki] 2017
  33. David Zirkle: The Lognormal Distribution as a Model for Stock Prices [Rahrig] 2017
  34. Kaila Bollinger: Kruskal-Wallis versus Classical One-Way Analysis of Variance: Who's the Winner? [Rahrig] 2016
  35. Brandon Wilson: Black-Scholes Formula [Jaki] 2016
  36. Jeffrey Hancock:  Optimal Strategy for an Obscure Game Show" [Robinson] 2016
  37. Nathan Knodel: Exact Solutions of Cubic-Quintic Duffing Oscillators [Fuller] 2016
  38. Abigail Thayer: Computer Solutions of the One Dimensional Diffusion Equation [Johns] 2015
  39. Brian Slabe: Contingent Payment Methods [Rahrig] 2015
  40. James Rader: Analysis of Points After Touchdown in the NFL [Putt] 2015
  41. Ashley Ernst: A Group Theoretic Development of Isospin and Low Isospin Multiplets [Fuller] 2015
  42. Benjamin McKinnis: The Square Wheel Problem [Hunt] 2014
  43. Brandon Guillen: A Look at Bayesian Statistics [Robinson] 2014
  44. Amanda Marco: Fibonacci Numbers and Some of Their Properties [Caragiu] 2014
  45. Kerry DuLaney: Exploring Gears and Watchmaking [Hunt] 2014
  46. Kate Klopp: Wheel of Fortune: From a Statistical Standpoint [Robinson] 2014
  47. Lacey Hittle: Progression on Regression: A Look at Multicollinearity [Rahrig] 2014
  48. Matthew R. Zirkle: Finding Square Roots in a Prime Field [Caragiu] 2013
  49. Thomas E. Steinberger: Arithmetic Functions of Several Variables on the Gaussian Integers  [Jaki] 2013
  50. Jonathan C. Schroeder: Small Special Pairs of Primnitive Roots [Caragiu] 2013
  51. Devin F. Kisor: Eploration of the Regression to the Mean Phenomenon [Robinson] 2013
  52. Morgan Hammer: Applications of Direct Products to Molecular Spectroscopy [Putt] 2013
  53. Kelsie E. Zumberger: Did You Cheat In School This Year? [Robinson] 2013
  54. Donald J. Pleshinger: On a Congruence of Ohtsuka [Caragiu] 2013
  55. Matthew J. McCandless: Picturing Eigenfaces [Retterer] 2013
  56. Joanna Snyder: Analyzing the "Hot Hand" Effect [Rahrig] 2012
  57. David Mangus: "Let's Get Paradoxical: A Statistical Major's Quest to Solve Some Common Problems [Robinson] 2012
  58. Jennifer Krauss: In the World of a Taxicab Driver: an Exploration of Conic Sections in Taxicab Geometry [Putt] 2012
  59. Hannah (DePriest) Barnaba: How Much Does One Point Matter: A Study on the Probability of Winning a Tennis Match and the Generalized Case of Winning by n  [Rahrig] 2012
  60. Lauren Cassell: Guarding a Koch Fractal Art Gallery [Fuller] 2012
  61. Ashley Risch: An Euler-Fibonacci Sequence. [Caragiu] 2011
  62. Molly Eickholt: Simplifying Ford Links [Hunt] 2011
  63. Lauren Sutherland: Multidimensional Greatest Prime Factor Sequences [Caragiu] 2011
  64. Lucas Witt: Sometimes Two Wrongs Do Make a Right [Robinson] 2011
  65. Lindsey Miller Walch: Chordal Geometries and Their Axioms [Fuller] 2011
  66. Joshua Szekely: The Quantum Harmonic Oscillator and the Hermite Polynomials [Boyadzhiev] 2011
  67. Greg Back: The Greatest Prime Factor and its Applications [Caragiu] 2010
  68. Jenna Brace: Traffic Flow Simulation with Cellular Automata [Caragiu] 2010
  69. Andrew Caldwell: Misuses of Statistics [Robinson] 2010
  70. Kevin Earnest: Perturbations in the Aerospace Sequence of Attitude Determination Using Quaternions [Fuller] 2010
  71. John Holodnak: The Perron-Frobenius Theorem and Applications [Caragiu] 2010
  72. Kyle Meyer: Parity in Professional Sports [Robinson] 2010
  73. Matt Rader: Quantifying Defensive Ability in Baseball [Putt] 2010
  74. Sharon Binkley: The One Time Pad and Text Visualization [Caragiu] 2009
  75. Joshua Stoffel: Maxwell's Equations through the Major Vector Theorems [Boyadzhiev] 2009
  76. Joshua Somerlot: The Affine Cipher [Caragiu] 2009
  77. Brock Prater: Transmission and Reflection Holograms [Hovis] 2009
  78. Eric Gossett: Behavior of Particles in Circular Vertical Floe with Magnus Effect" [Fuller] 2009
  79. Axel Brandt: Classification of Ford Links [Hunt] 2009
  80. Andrew Magyar: The Einstein's Field Equations [Fuller] 2009
  81. Amanda Stype: Holy Voley! How Should We Allocate Those Traps? [Robinson] 2009
  82. Michael Gabrieli: The Exploration of Time Series and Forecasting [Robinson] 2009
  83. Michael Garee: Solitary Waves and KdV Theory [Fuller] 2008
  84. Steven Garofalo: Relational Model for Database Management [Retterer] 2008
  85. Brittany Metz: Latin Squares, Probability, and their involvement in the Sudoku [Robinson] 2008
  86. Heather Schimmoeller: B2 or not B2. That is the Question [Robinson] 2008
  87. Ashley Yontz: Mathematics and Stocks: Risk Analysis of a Portfolio [Putt] 2008
  88. Lorelei Rautsaw: The Geometry of Flowers [Raiti] 2008
  89. Christopher Lemon: Markov Chains and the Heat Bath Monte Carlo Algorithm for the Ising Model of Ferromagnetism [Johns] 2008
  90. Stacy Nagel: Symmetry and Quilting [Raiti] 2008
  91. Brian Henderson: A Probability Distribution Associated with the Minehunt Game [Hovis] 2008
  92. Katie Milligan: The Underlying Mathematical Patterns of Tessellations [Schroeder] 2008
  93. Gretchen Deeg: Projective Geometry and the Art of Perspective [Hovis] 2008
  94. Rachel Fye: An Analysis of Stock Portfolios: Random vs. Non-Random [Putt] 2007
  95. Tyler Dunlap: Ford Links [Hunt] 2007
  96. Andrew Homan: An Overview of Model Theory and Completeness [Caragiu] 2007
  97. Aaron Piper: Given two fractions, what is the fraction between the two that has the smallest denominator? [Robinson] 2007
  98. Greg Snyder: March Madness Probabilities [Robinson] 2007
  99. Mark Bierkan: To Deal or Not to Deal - is that the Question? [Robinson] 2007
  100. Matthew Shonkwiler: Conflict: A Game Theory Approach [Putt] 2007
  101. Megan Reese: The Golden Section and Design [Raiti] 2007
  102. Charise Kazmierczak: Geometry of Rose Windows [Raiti] 2007
  103. Katie Miklovic: The Truth Behind the Witch of Agnesi [Schroeder] 2007
  104. Anthony Gerdeman: A Venture Into the World of Obstructed Random Walks [Robinson] 2006
  105. Allison Mackay: Elementary Number Theory and Classical Cryptography [Caragiu] 2006
  106. Lisa Scheckelhoff: GPF Sequences  [Caragiu] 2006
  107. Brandon Bucholtz: The Euclidean Algorithm [Caragiu] 2006
  108. Kara Stechschulte: Braids and Music [Fuller] 2006
  109. Michael Paulus: Predicting Winning Percentage: An Application of Mathematics to Sports [Putt] 2006
  110. Adam Hibbard: Predicting Movie Ratings [Robinson] 2006
  111. Dan Gudorf: Mary Had a Little Paradox: Whose fleece was and was not as white as snow... [Fuller] 2006
  112. Jason Bockey: Ford Circles [Hunt] 2006
  113. Jacob L. Johanssen: Fibonacci-Lucas Densities [Caragiu] 2006
  114. Kristine Patton: An investigation of Continued Fractions [Schroeder] 2006
  115. Kara S. Lewis: A look at Confounding [Robinson] 2005
  116. Matt Katschke: San Gaku Problems in Hyperbolic and Spherical Geometry [Hunt] 2005
  117. Nathan Baxter: Finite Fields [Caragiu] 2005
  118. Jennifer Szippl: Platonic solids [Raiti] 2004
  119. Julie Holda: Monte Carlo simulations [Robinson] 2004
  120. Tyler Betts: Applications of Group Theory in Chemistry [Putt] 2004
  121. Clinton Louiso: Tic-Tac-Toe: an in-depth analysis [Robinson] 2004
  122. Molly Neer: Mathematics and Arts at Ohio Northern University [Fuller] 2004
  123. Mark Clausing: Advanced Compass and Straightedge Constructions [Hunt] 2004
  124. Michael Hewit: The Ehrenfest Model, Analysis via Markov Chains and Recurrent Events [Johns] 2004
  125. Sara Miller: Fibonacci Numbers [Caragiu] 2003
  126. Julia Gould: Fear of Crime, An Investigative Analysis [Putt] 2003
  127. Matthew Suchan: Is Hitter Performance Affected by Free Agency? [Putt] 2003
  128. Ann Boerger: The Value of a Bond [Putt] 2002
  129. Reid Moore: Analysis of Interest and Basic Annuities [Putt] 2002
  130. Stacey Stillion: Covariates of Pancreas Transplant Survival in Recipients of Combined Kidney-Pancreas Grafts [Putt] 2002
  131. Laura DiMarco: Classification of Compact, Connected Topological Surfaces Without Boundary [Raiti] 2001
  132. Kimberly Myers: Bond Valuation [Putt] 2001
  133. Stephanie Osgood: Statistics Reveal the True "Best Hitters" in Baseball [Putt] 2001
  134. Ivan Tornes: The Circular Vibrating Membrane [Boyadzhiev] 2001
  135. Jason Kline: The Fourier Series and Some Applications [Boyadzhiev] 2000
  136. Rachel Kahlenberg: Confidence Intervals for One Pupulation Mean [Song] 2000
  137. Ryan Snivley: Analysis of Categorical Data [Song] 2000
  138. Sarah Ruppert: Rubik's Cube [Retterer] 2000
  139. Lindsay Nicholson: Fourier Series [Lhamon] 2000
  140. Tim Thompson: Solutions to the Shortest Path Problem [Putt] 1999
  141. Nathan Hyatt: Hypothesis Testing [Song] 1999
  142. William Anthony: Recurrent Events [Hovis] 1999
  143. Justin Reckner: Differential Geometry of Curves in 3-Space [Raiti] 1999
  144. Bodi Kauffman: The Stieltjes Integral [Boyadzhiev] 1999
  145. Chris Finney: The Mathematics of Annuity Valuation [Putt] 1999
  146. James Conine: Fuzzy Sets [Hovis] 1998
  147. Lee Koratich: Functions of Matrices [Boyadzhiev] 1998
  148. Jason McCartney: Game Theory [Shult] 1998
  149. Amanda Pater: Regression Analysis [Song] 1998
  150. Michelle Schlauch: Random Walks [Roepke] 1998

  • Caragiu 29
  • Robinson 25
  • Putt 18
  • Fuller 13
  • Rahrig 12
  • Hunt 8
  • Wang 8
  • Raiti 7
  • Boyadzhiev 6
  • Hovis 5